Imgur Uploader AIR App

November 3, 2009

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Redditors and Diggers probably already know what Imgur is. But for those who don’t, Imgur is my favorite image hosting/sharing created by Alan Schaaf, a computer science student at Ohio University. Learn more about it in the FAQ section and at Reddit’s /r/IAmA.

With the recent release of a public API, I quickly put together a desktop application, which allows you to quickly drag and drop an image into the app and get back a URL that you can paste in an IM window, email, Reddit, Digg, etc. It also keeps track of upload history while giving the ability to delete your images from Imgur’s servers.

To install, click Install Now on the left. If you are viewing this post from an RSS reader, please open it in a browser to install the application.

The application was developed using Adobe AIR technology, which allows the application to run on Windows, OS X and Linux. I also leveraged the AIR Update framework in this as well. Here is a quick screenshot.