Minyoung & Seokyun Wedding

May 14, 2012

As mentioned in an earlier post, Minyoung and I went to college together. We did the engagement shoot in Georgetown, Washington, DC. The wedding was in the Philadelphia metro area. The church had just recently completed a renovation and we were lucky enough to be the first wedding in the brand new sanctuary. One lesson learned from this trip was to never drive through downtown Philly unless there is absolute need. I thought I would stop by China town and get some lunch there. I took me almost 90 minutes to get through 40+ traffic lights on a Sunday morning.

Seokyun, the groom, looking sharp

Wedding rings on a bible

Bride's pretty shoes

Hanging wedding dress

Bride getting hair done with some serious deco

Bride being happy and nervous at the same time

Bride in a gorgeous wedding dress

Bride's brother carrying balloons back into church

Bride and bridesmaids

Bride and bridesmaids candidly enjoying themselves

Bride having a calm moment

Groom and bride geting in the zone

Bride being beautiful

Groom waiting for bride walking down the aisle

Bride's father walking her down the aisle

Tilt-shift shot of the sanctuary

Overview shot of the wedding ceremory possession

The newly weds walking down the aisle leaving the sanctuary

Bride dancing with her father