Nathan’s First Year In Review

July 9, 2012

Time really flies. I remember that around this time last year the 4th of July fireworks show in the area woke Nathan up and it wasn’t easy making him go back to bed. Here are a set of pictures showing what he looked like each month in the past one year in chronological order. At one point, he was 95┬ápercentile in weight, meaning that he was very heavy! My wife actually had weeks of back pain several times.

Just a few days old

One of the first smiles. He has never liked binkies and always spat them out.

Starting to see toys

Stronger neck and starting to sit with support

Loves being swaddled

Almost sitting without support

Starting to rock back and fourth on knees

Drooling like crazy

Enjoying swings

Funny face

Crawling non stop

Showing a lot of personality