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Esther and James flew all the way from California. Although it was pretty sunny, the temperature was around high 40s in the afternoon. I saw Esther shivering on many occasions. :)
Before this trip, we beach-camped once at Assateague island and it was pretty awesome. So we had really high hopes for OBX camping since it was going to be at the KOA Cape Hatteras campground, which is private (i.e. not part of a state or national) and should be less crowded generally speaking.
It's been a while since the last blog update. I guess I'll start off this one with pictures from the dance floor ... just to show insane it was. People totally rocked out with different wicked moves. I think the elderlies had as much fun as the younger ones.
Sheree and Tyrell definitely know how to throw one heck of a party. The groom even rocked out some massiv tunes with his buddies during the reception.
This is the last photo set from the Thailand trip back in February. We visited an up and coming tourist attractive for the Thais called Suan Phung. One of the most famous resorts there is The Scenery Resort & Farm, which is often known as New Zealand of Thailand. Anyway, not going to write a lot because I'm in San Jose, CA this week but my bio clock is still on DC time and it's 3:00AM there. All I can say is it is another good trip away from the city and the resort is definitely worth a visit.