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With the recent release of Imgur public API, I quickly put together a desktop application, which allows you to quickly drag and drop an image into the app and get back a URL that you can paste in an IM window, email, Reddit, Digg, etc. It also keeps track of upload history while giving the ability to delete your images from Imgur's servers. Here is a quick screenshot. To install, click Install Now on the left.
Who doesn't love fall? Here are some photos from Big Meadows at Shenandoah National Park. It's about an hour drive west of DC. The weekend we went was pretty crowded. I originally planned on visiting Luray Caverns but the line was long...about an hour wait. So we changed the plan and hit up Big Meadows instead.
I was really looking forward to shooting Arianna and Chris' engagement session. It was the last Sunday of September and you bet the weather was great. We arranged to meet in Georgetown near Waterfront Starbucks. Arianna and Chris are stunning together. They met in college and now live and work in the DC metro area.
Quite a bit of travel recently. I was in Oklahoma City three weeks ago and San Antonio this week. Went camping last weekend in Shenandoah, VA with friends as well. Here are some shots from my phone.
Earlier this year, I took John and Niki's family photos. We had a lot of fun. So this month when they were having a party for Ella's 2nd birthday, they invited me as a guest. Friends and family gathered for a nice meal and fun. Niki's dad baked cupcakes and her friend, Daphne, made lovely pink icing. John rolled up his sleeves, throw steaks on the grill and showed off his famous Gambas al Ajillo dish. At one point, Ella and her little friends literally used cupcakes as sponges and painted their faces with icing. I was glad I captured those moments for them.
Shot an engagement session last weekend in Georgetown DC. The weather was nice and Arianna and Chris were totally awesome. More photos from the shoot soon...
I did this photo shoot of Shirley and her family earlier this year. Shirley, who used to work with my wife, always wanted to have family portrait photos taken. The first time we tried to arrange the shoot one of her kids got sick the day before so we had to call it off. A month later we ended up at Fairfax Lake Park in Reston, VA on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
Went to this farm in Maryland a few weeks ago. We got there at around 13:00 and the heat index was probably slight above 100 °F. Insane... There weren't a lot of peaches but there were tons of sour blackberries. My wife neither eats peaches nor berries (the only berry she likes is strawberry) so we didn't buy any and we thought of that fruit picking as an exercise.
John and Niki has a super cute daughter, Ella. Ella is hyper, always smiles, laughs, and loves shoes. We did a shoot during the Cherry Blossom period in April around their neighborhood. We were out for two hours and Ella wouldn't stop running and climbing. It was a blast!